Needs for 2017.

We are grateful to God for the opportunity of service, God always sends the blessings in his time through faithful workers  around the world who are willing to be of Support in different ministries.

We are very happy to have several volunteers who are supporting our ministry, as we are growing rapidly and in January 2017 we are finishing the construction of the kitchen, and we need to equip the kitchen together with the laundry room.

Together we present our immediate needs and every someone gives one of these apparatus or implements we will remove them from the list, and we put the name of the person that makes it.


Total Amount of the project $5,770.00. Furnished kitchen for volunter.

Furnished kitchen for volunteers


We are very happy with this new project of building a new kitchen for the volunteers God has blessed us by sending us talented young people in different areas the ministry is growing and that is why we are requesting your help for the completion of this project that will come to make of Much blessing for the volunteers of our ministry to be able to have their own equipped kitchen.

We hope to have your help to make this project a reality.


Total Amount of the project $3,500.00. Laundry


We are very happy that every day God allows us to have many activities in our camp, the work is arduous and many times there is no time to do the cleaning of the clothes, and we only have two manual laundries and we are enough for 21 volunteers Can wash their clothes, that is why we are requesting the help to be able to have a washing machine and a dryer, as this would save us a lot of time.

 G.E Dryer $ 550.00    Frigidaire Washing Machine $ 500.00 Laundry room $2,450.00


We need $ 35,000.00
For the purchase of a bus of 20 passengers.

Transportation of volunteers and patients

Transport is of vital importance for our camp, currently we only have a vehicle in good condition and this makes it difficult for us to retrace many activities that we have, since many times the activities we have on weekends are in communities far away and We would like to cover more communities but for lack of vehicles we have to wait and that expectation represents souls for Christ who are lost in every moment, families who need to be seen by doctors, since for lack of money they do not leave their communities in search of a doctor, We have tried the means to reach them, we thank God that the local authorities have given us their support every time we ask for help from them.

But it is time that our brothers in Christ can take the decision to make an investment for the Lord and to be able to help these faithful missionaries in Guatemala who need to be mobilized in order to bring the message of health to many people who have not yet heard it.

This photograph shows 20 midwives who came for training in our sanatorium, and after finishing the training we had to support them with the transportation for their communities which means that we have to make 5 trips so that they can arrive safely, since It is very dangerous to be able to take people in the back of the car, although they are used to know that for safety this is not the best.

That day we took that picture because when the driver left they were ready to go to their communities but we had to explain that we could not take them all in a single trip that we had to make 5 trips.