Medical Clinic

Each one has been assigned a work, and no one can replace it. Each one has a mission of marvelous importance, which he can not neglect or ignore, for its fulfillment implies the well-being of some soul, and his neglect the misfortune of someone for whom Christ died.-The Review and Herald, December 12, 1893.
God has given us the privilege of being able to have at the service of the community a sanatorium, which thanks to some organizations and kind people who has helped for sanatorium equipment which currently has the following services, X-ray, Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory , Ultrasound, Electrocardigrams, Dentistry, Nutrition, are some of the services offered on the premises, with the help of Volunteer and local staff.

Our work is not only focused on the sanatorium, but also that medical days are scheduled in the communities, with the help of some local authorities, we are very happy to be part of the progress of the gospel through the message of health, since in Most of the patients that the doctors are looking for, are in need of spiritual health, there are many who need to listen to the message of salvation through the message of health, since in this way they feel happy to have a God who cares about Your physical, mental and spiritual health