Visitors And Activities During 2014

Christmas at God's Helping Hands Clinic in Guatemala

We are very pleased with the activity development thanks to friends Pete Zaccagnino, Dennis Combs and Omar Lopez, who began with the organization of this activity they came in his plane from Waschigton bringing many gifts for children of Guatemala, also children the Adventist Church in Pasco Wa, participated in the preparation of 300 cookies decorated with lots of love with the help of Betty Cumming and Nadia Lopez, all this effort was done with much love to give a banquet for 400 children and their families, where all they enjoyed a lot with piñatas and cake and Guatemalan tamales in this activity were also benefited children in the dumpster children and polishes boots. Also in this activity we had the help of the local church in the preparation of tamales and many more friends who made this activity possible..


God is in control of everything, this week we received with much love Dr. Sandy Mattison and his mother Mrs. Gloria Caballero, who came from Pennsylvania, Dr. came with a very important mission, she came to train thirty five midwives of the area, in their training they were provided with medical equipment, which use in their villages, they learned new techniques as they are responsible in their communities to monitor the pregnancies of women of their community, since in some communities transport has not and this makes it difficult for women to take prenatal care insurance.

           Representatives from Weimar Institute in our  Campusachaquila, Poptún Peten

It is a blessing to have the help of Brother Rodolfo Santa and his daughter Jasmine Santana who is responsible for maintenance of the Institute of WEIMAR, he has come to us the facilities of the jacuzzi, saunas, bathtubs constrastes and more for soon we can provide all these services to our community, we are very grateful for all this help from the institute.


  Waterman Florida Hospital Imaging 

Catherine Burke, decide to come to install Digital X ray department in our Hospital . new computerize equipment is install to have better services to our patients. 

Maranatha Volunteers visiting 

Our brother Abel Serrano a missionary from Orlando, Florida visiting for one month fixing lots of things in our campus.


“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Mathew 25:40

It is of great joy to have the children visit the orphanage in our camp and share a joyful night with cake, popcorn and pizza and movie, these children need lots of love need to feel loved by society, thank God that always provides for do not miss the food and be able to share with who most need


Translators from Cuetchi and spanish assisting Drs. Mattison . More than 180 patients was seeing giving Medicines, books and dental extractions, and the most important were talking about Jesus thru bible stories were given to the community GRACIAS A DIOS ("Thank you God")  was the name, thank you to our Volunteers of GHH

GHH Volunteersachaquila , Peten

GHH volunteers arriving from all directions, we never expect that God had send the angeles in a private Jet landed safely in Flores, Peten. They even went to pick up my brother Dr. Oma Lopez from Idaho to Pasco, Washington- Guatemala and took less than 6 hours flying. Filling Gas in new Laredo arriving to Flores at 9pm same day. PRAISE THE LORD.

Thank come and bring a little love to those in need in our area