Visitors And Activities During 2019.



For a month we had health classes at our local school, which culminated in a health fair, where all the students participated together with their teachers and parents and friends of the community, we are very grateful to Pablo, Viviana, Alicia and Camilo, who were in charge of being able to carry out this activity, for the honor and glory of God.



In June we had a visit from a group of students and staff from Oakwood Adventist University in Alabama. During their visit, they carried out different activities including hosting free clinics, vacation bible school, programs at the local orphanages and nursing homes. Within each of these activities, free medicine, clothing, bags of food were handed out. One of the highlights was visiting families who live in a garbage dump, who became very thankful for their support. It was a great blessing to serve the community through all of them who carried out each task with a lot of love. At the end of the week and a half of their mission activities we took time to show some cultural and historical places of Guatemala including the Ruins of Tikal and Antigua. We look forward to your soon return next year, 2020!



God has given us a special mission, which is to preach his word. That is why every time the opportunity arises; we go out and visit families who need to hear and know more about our beloved Jesus. We thank God for each one of our volunteers and missionaries who share that same commitment..



Every time there is an opportunity to celebrate a birthday, we do it to be able to thank God for life and health and especially for the opportunity to be able to serve where he has called us.



This year, with the help of our volunteers and missionaries, we have an organized visit to the local hospital in Poptun every Sunday night. We take a dinner for the people who spend the night sleeping on the hospital grounds since some of them travel from distant communities. Many of them stay there waiting for their relatives to be released. Our goal this year is to create an area designated for food distribution where they can come to eat and rest.



We recently had the opportunity to help with our volunteers and staff at a health fair organized by our local church. Volunteers supported in the areas of massage and haircut services while our director Dr. Elden López attended patients. We are very happy to be able to serve our community.



God has sent us the people we need at the right time. We thank God for the support that Luis and Elizeth have given. They are agronomists from Chile. They have supported the agriculture for 6 months in different areas. They have especially helped start an organic garden which has been a huge blessing. Among other activities they also gave classes in local schools and universities



God has given us the opportunity of a new year in which we have dedicated everything we have to him. We thank God for this beautiful place in which we can grow our own food.