Visitors And Activities During 2015.

In the month of November the Dr.Elden Lopez and his wife were invited by the Adventist Church in King City in California for a week of health, where many were benefiting from this week health and also in this week the Doctor  offer medical consultations as there are many brothers who lack health insurance and resources find it hard to go to a clinic or hospital. It was a blessing how they were blessed with many health tips for a better healthy lifestyle.

Physical Therapy Training Sep-Oct 2015

In October we had a visit from Dr. Gustavo and Alicia Lozano who came from Peru them delivered a training intensive month of classes Physiotherapy this training was a blessing for both the staff and teachers of a school special is located in the area. During this time the boys were interned in the camp since the schedule was very intensive from seven in the morning until seven at night.

Rotary Club Sacramento California

For a whole week this group representing the Rotary Club of Sacramento California led by its President Heidi Hershenhouse were great blessing in their visit they conducted a medical mission in a community of San Luis Peten also they visited the local orphanage, they also collaborated painted school classrooms, at the camp there was also time to relax after an intensive week of work on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Barrios Izabal


Thanks to our friends Denis Combs, Pete Zaccagnino, and Dr. Omar Lopez, Sussy Reyes, Nadia Lopez, Odette Guerrero, Navil Moncada, Sandra Lopez, Daniel Mendez thanks for making esta happen. for all your help in this cute activity where many children were benefited with furniture for their schools with their school supplies and also with a bag pack  of school supplies, they enjoyed a special banquet and many gifts, thank you for your contribution to the development of our community and these children are our present, who will follow in our footsteps.