Needs for 2018.

We are very grateful to God for the opportunity of service in Guatemala, each year are new challenges that we must face, but each challenge is accompanied by a blessing, this year 2018, we have some needs, we trust that God will touch some generous hearts that They are always willing to serve different ministries around the world.

If there is a desire in your heart to help us meet any of the mentioned needs, do not hesitate to contact us.


Medical Center Needs



We need 4 air conditioners, since the temperatures in the summer are very strong, and the medical equipment tends to be damaged by the high temperatures.




Stovetop Autoclave Sterilizers

Other needs:
Supplies for surgeries and nursing
Supplies for Laboratory
Supplies for x-rays
Maintenance of the installations



Analisador Automático De Hematologia Mindray BC-2800


Mammography Machine

                         Facilities needs


We need a grass cutter or something basic to cut grass.



We need 10 lamps for lighting inside the camp.