Visitors And Activities During 2012.

From Walla Walla , we had a nice visit a beautiful group in a week had a pretty missionary experience they had planned a week medical mission but God had something special that week a family suffered a tragedy a mother that her husband had died ago a month I went desperate to four in the morning has to search waste meat to a butcher leaving her five children alone when her older daughter eight woke years and look that was not his mother looking for a candle and lit and an oversight the candle fell on the bed and started catching fire the house the children were able to leave with the help of the neighbor who heard the cries of children , this group was so generous I help this family in the construction of a new provicional house and buy food and school supplies for children, whether really this was a great missionary experience

From Loma Linda California we had the visit of Zac Zacarino who is a student who came to help us for a month in different activities in the ministry also that month Zac had a pleasant visit from his best friend in the ministry zac much enjoy and promised to return again in five years when either one profeciona anesthetist to provide services