Thank God in the month of December we had the opportunity to celebrate with our children from the local Adventist church, studying the 21 lessons of Jesus' faith, and as a reward they received their gifts for a good goal that they achieved. , we thank all those who were part of this activity.

In the month of November we had the opportunity to visit a group from the United States, who were part of the inauguration of the Amiguitos de Jesus children's playground, for this activity food bags were delivered to children from our local schools, as well as food for orphanages, nursing homes, solar panels were also installed in homes where they did not have electricity, many thanks to each of the donors who make possible every activity that takes place in Guatemala, for the benefit of our brothers who need it most.


One of the best experiences that volunteers can have when coming to Guatemala is to have the opportunity to offer the gospel using the Jesus method, knowing their needs to supply them in the way that is possible, then to make them our friends and then they take the decision to be able to continue and be part of our congregation, that was the story of Mrs. Virginia was found one Saturday afternoon in one of the visits to the community, Mrs. Virginia had had a sore for more than 19 years, she lived in a small hut with her granddaughter whom she cares for since she was born, because her mother did not want her at birth and gave her to her, Angelina, who is nine years old, has never been to school, due to lack of financial resources, but God never he fails his promises, and this time, thanks to the support of the volunteers and some funds that arrived, Dona Virginia could be had for three months in the sanatorium to be able to heal her wound, and most beautiful is that many efforts could build a house, so she can live safely without getting wet when rainy season for this coming year 2018, Angelina attend school, Dr. Elden Lopez, will be who is sponsored by Angelina's education. And the most beautiful thing was that Dona Virginia was baptized in the month of December and is now a member of Our Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We have the opportunity to have in our ministry as missionaries to the Doctors in Psychology, Claudia Mendez and Itzy Ramirez, who are graduates of the University of Montemoreles de Mexico, in the months of October they taught several workshops in schools, churches and other centers.

In the month of October, we had the privilege of having two very special patients, Fidelina and Reina, who enjoyed our detoxification program in the center of healthy life for 10 days, where they were offered a healthy diet accompanied by natural therapies such as , Hidroteria, massages, saunas and nutritional and psychological counseling, was a program with much challenge, since the two patients did not know how to read or write, and one of them does not speak Spanish, we thought that the language would be a problem, but it was much benefit and knowing that she had so many abilities that at first she thought that her language would be a limitation, but we have a wonderful God who gives one and a thousand ideas to be able to present her health message regardless of the language.

In June, we had the visit in our camp to Dr. Wilma Gonzalez who has supported us unconditionally and this time was accompanied by physiotherapist Hilda Logi and Pastor Rigoberto who visited us from Puerto Rico and Mexico, it was a great blessing to your stay that during that time they had an intensive training for the new staff of the Center of Healthy Life we re very grateful to God for having sent them in the indicated time.

April Women of Faith God has been wonderful in providing us with this beautiful camp that is of great blessing so that all our local brothers can enjoy and this time was not the exception to have a nice women's retreat which was a great blessing for each one that attended with each one of the conferences received to be able to carry on carrying the message as brave women of faith.

In January we had the visit of two dentists and a physiotherapist from the University of Montemoreles in Mexico, who with the help of other volunteers and staff of the Medical Center had several medical conferences in some communities of our local area, we thank you very much for your love missionary in the service of those who need it most.

This new year 2017 has been a great blessing every year that leaves us many blessings and new experiences to give thanks to our God for the privilege of being able to continue serving in his work, and this year is no exception, the missionaries Volunteers are very motivated have created a small ministry to help more directly the community in their free time, their ministry is named BARRIGUITAS CONTENTAS. (Happy belly). It consists of bringing some families of the community to life, building and repairing some homes of people in the community, all with the support of Gods Helping Hands, and Dr. Wilma Gonzales and other kind people who are Putting their grain of sand so that they can feel the hands of Jesus, helping with their gifts and talents and giving the best of their youth to the service of our beloved Jesus. If you want to help this ministry please do not hesitate to contact us.

Proverbs 19:17
 To the Lord lend to the poor, And the good that he has done, he will pay again.