visiting some patients who live in remote communities with friends and staff of the medical center, there are really many needs in these communities that many times we do not realize, among them is our sister Julia, she has Parkinson's, she is a single mother with 5 children they have much need among them, to have their medicine for Parkinson's, for now the medical center is providing the medication, but she has many more needs such as food and home improvements.

We also visited Sulmi, a girl with some disabilities but with a great desire to live, Sulmi is 7 years old, thank God she is already in the School with a lot of desire to succeed, they are a family of 4 brothers, very intelligent children, if someone I would be interested in investing in the education of these children would be a great blessing for this family that is eager to get ahead.

Thanks to Dennis Combs, a good friend from Idaho, we were able to continue installing some solar panels in some homes in our community, thank you very much for this blessing that these families have received, because for lack of budgets these families can not have access to electricity .

New Professional group (New Professional group serving GHH)

The new specialists thanks to Dr Byron is providing his services as Orthopedist, Dr Justo Surgeon General, Dr Wilson Internal Medicine his wife specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr Baldizon is not present but he is our anesthetist and Dr Martinez our Chief of Staff and Medical Base Urgency and Family Medicine and Dr López Pediatra are the new professionals who support the facilities of the medical center, we thank the other support staff.

We still have some personnel needs such as: Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Physicians and staff for the center of healthy life.

We pray your prayers so that God continues to direct every surgery that takes place in the facilities of the medical center.

We had the opportunity to visit the nursing home and share with the old people a good time listening to their stories and good advice for life, thank God for the opportunity that gives us to serve the people who need it most, During this visit they were given medicines, cleaning supplies and for the grandparents to entertain themselves, we brought them a television so that they could see their news and preaching.
If you would like to help Dulce Refuge Elderly Home, you can contact Dr. Elden Lopez, there are many needs they have, among which the biggest is diapers and milk.

Article Written recently by the Minister of Agriculture of our Department.

Technical assistance in productive processes of helping hands.

In Manos Ayudadoras, Machaquilá, Poptún, Petén; Staff of the Agricultural Brigade of the Deputy Minister in charge of Peten Affairs, has been following up on productive projects that they have there.
The family garden consists of an area of bout 300 square meters, where cucumber, cilantro, radish, zucchini, and others are grown. In addition, pests are monitored in pineapple and rambutan cultivation.

Vice Minister Jorge Rosado continues to push processes to improve the living conditions of people in the department.

We continue working, The MAGA has returned to the field.